Kerala tour packages

Kerala, a state of mind, diversified with variations in all corners of beauty and fantasy. Kerala has calendar of love, green-walk and mountainous peak that offers you a choice of beauty and allures you to come and join Kerala with the fabulous Kerala tour packages. Kerala’s location on Malabar Coast that offers an Arabian touch of cool feeling with coral reefs and white-milky shorelines and fishing fun and house boating with the enjoyment of candlelight dinner with your loved one!

Now; here we are discussing the place beauty of Kerala with the fantastic Kerala tour Packages are as follows:-


1. Trekkers making their way to Chembra Park: Chembra Park is visible from most parts around vyathiri, like a steadfast sentinel watching all in the area. Looming over the region, it is the tallest summit of the area, at 2,100m above sea level. While locals claim that one needs four hours to reach the summit from the base camp, for the uninitiated city-bred climber it could take a bit longer, especially as the climb is often steep and slippery. For this reason, travelers are advised to start early. About two-thirds of the way up lies a beautiful, clear lake, shaped quite distinctively like a heart. This offers a brief respite, temporarily erasing the exhaustion of the climb. Chembra is quite an obsession in the area, and some people come to Wayanad only to scale the peak.

2. Kannimara Teak: One of the oldest largest teak trees in the world, this 450-year-old tree is 6.75m wide and 48.5m high. This tree is the remnant of wild teak which grew in the area before the teak plantations came up. The Government of India bestowed the Mahavriksha Puraskar upon the Kannimara Teak in 1994-95, establishing it as a healthy, historical and valuable tree. Situated 7 km from Thunakkadavu, the route itself offers plenty of sights and sounds. There is a vayal on the way, where herbivores such as deer, Sambhar and gaur can be usually seen in large numbers.

On the whole we can say that the enjoyment of holidays has a great effect with the fabulous package of green beauty and that is Kerala with the superb Kerala tour packages.

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