Kerala a spot of enjoying Beach fun

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Kerala is a beautiful place to spend your holiday and is full of natural beauty. Kerala can explore the natural beauty in terms of lakes, backwaters, mountains and gardens. Kerala is a good spot for aromatic, surrounding, which includes the spice and tea plantations. Kerala holiday packages that we are offering to our clients’ are full of facilities and amenities. Our holiday special offers you a great choice of selection in terms of hotels/resorts, food and special adventurous package that cater you best with attractive discounts and offers.


Now let’s move on the place beauty of Kerala holiday packages are described below in given points of description as follows:-

  1. Kavaratti “The Blue Lagoon”: The narrow island of Kavaratti is the most centrally located island of the group, and hence the administrative centre of Lakshadweep. The island of Suheli Par is to the south-west and the Pitty Bird sanctuary to the north-west. Kavaratti is 218 nautical miles from Kochi. Unlike other islands, Kavaratti’s shore is an apology for a beach. Narrow, busy and littered with organic and human waste, it almost spoils the beauty of the magnificent lagoon- home to enchanting star fish, anemones, sea cucumbers and schools of colorful fish. Which is why, you must come to Kavaratti. Apart from a short trip to the museum-cum-aquarium, there is little else to see or explore. At night, a sky studded with a million stars and the sound of waves lapping the shore will keep you awake, strumming dreams of distant lands. Who knows, you might actually come back inspired.
  2. Meenmutti waterfalls: If light trekking is your passion,, Meenmutti is the place for you. It has cool forests, a gurgling Kallar, and resounds with the cries of birds and crickets. There are some basic formalities to be completed before you can trek in the area close to Kallar Bridge. As part of its eco-tourism project, the forest Department supervises about 200 hectares of the forest in and around Meenmutti. You will need to contact the Chief conservator of Forests in Thiruvananthapuram for trekking permission. Entry fee for Adult Rs./ 10, Children Rs./5

On the whole we can say that we Keral tourism offers you best Kerala holiday packages at affordable rates to meet your travel expectations and want.

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