Intro of Eco travel in Kerala

Kerala is called God’s home due to their beauty blend with natural assets that facilitate an Eco-tourism in Kerala and the fun of this Malabar Coast with the Kerala tour package is just fabulous. Come Kerala once in your life and feel the touch of sanctuaries and waterways beauty that explain the beauty of Kerala with the Kerala tour package.

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Kerala has many nature valued city that gives you an awesome blend of natural touch that describes Eco-tourism with the Kerala tour package are as follows:-

1. Thenmala ‘The Good Earth’: Thenmala is in the district of Kollam, in the foothills of the Western Ghat in eastern Kollam District, next to the Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary, a short distance from Courtallam Falls in Tamil Nadu. Eco-tourism tends to have a reputation for being somewhat rigid, aiming to educate rather than entertain. Thenmala’s eco-tourism programmes challenge this definition to a great extent, focusing on adventure as well as awareness, full of fun and also carrying the potential of being something more. You could walk along a nature trial, simply taking in the clean air and peaceful surroundings, and if you choose to, you could also learn more about the flora and fauna – from monkey- like creatures, who are in fact macaca radiate, primates indigenous to the area, to forests, rubber and tea plantations.


2. Bekal ‘Anchored in Stone’: Bekal is in the district of Kasargod famous for Bekal Fort faces the Arabian Sea in north Malabar, 19km south of the district headquarters in Kasargod. Kasargod is 49 km South of Mangalore and 93 km North of Kannur. Apart from the ruins of magnificent forts, the leitmotif of Bekal, there is several religious sites worth visiting in Kasargod. These shrines are also storehouses of history and culture, preserved amid a sea of modern concrete constructions.

So; if you wish to have a green journey for your upcoming holidays come and join Kerala with the Kerala tour package.

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